2021-2022 AD CAMPAIGN


Dear Supporters and Sponsors

The Chorale is a group of local singers who provide a very high quality of chorale music for the cultural pleasure and edification of our audience and ourselves.  Over the years we have performed numerous classical and high quality choral productions.   Our plans for this year include performing a concert titled “Sing Joyfully” on December 5, a spiritual concert “A Choral Tapestry” on February 27, and a spring concert on May 1.  

We are facing a challenging year regrouping our membership and recovering financially after being inactive for a year due to the Covid pandemic.   Operating the chorus, at the high level that we strive for, requires a very significant financial budget.   Our major expenses are an Artistic Director, Assistant Director/Accompanist, music, concert venue, rehearsal hall, advertising, music, programs, musicians and sometimes professional soloists, plus many miscellaneous expenses.   Our sources of income are a grant from Delaware Division of the Arts, member’s dues, ticket sales, and solicitation of Ads and Donations. 

We are very proud of our Lee Mitchell program, which is a foundation set up to bring in local high school singers to join us in the chorus and receive private voice lessons.  Our regrouping efforts include continuing the program for this year.   We occasionally also invite local high school choirs to perform at our concerts.

Again, this year, we appeal to you for the financial support that we need to allow the chorale to successfully fund its expenses.  You have opportunity to designate your funds to either the general fund, or the Lee Mitchell fund.   Please complete the attached order form to either place an Ad in our concert program or make a financial donation.

Your generous financial support is an essential part of the funding that permits us to provide this art form to the southern Delaware community.   Any support that you can give us will be greatly appreciated

Also, by all means, please plan to attend our concerts.